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About Dr. Enuf

Dr. Enuf, a lightly carbonated lemon-lime flavored beverage, has been bottled for the past 50 years with pride by TRI-CITY BEVERAGE CORPORATION in Johnson City, Tennessee and can be found in the surrounding area. Dr. Enuf comes in these spiffy green glass bottles which contain exactly 375 ml (12.68 fl. oz) of drink.

Here's what the bottle says about Dr. Enuf--

"Dr. Enuf, a refreshing soft drink enriched with vitamins and minerals, has been providing a great tasting boost of energy since 1949. Over the years, the tesimonals have poured in from Dr. Enuf Drinkers, claiming all sorts of benefits and "cures". While we don't make any claims, other than the fact that Dr. Enuf does contian these vitamins and minerals, the letters and phone calls keep coming in. . ."

  • Dr. Enuf has been around for a fairly long time, although it has only recently started to catch on outside of the Tennessee Mountains.  
  • Dr. Enuf is bottled by Tri-City Beverage Corp. in Johnson City, Tenn., the same people who ORIGINALLY brought us Mountain Dew before evil Pepsico bought it in the 60's (interesting little factoid, huh?).  
  • Dr. Enuf is great, because it is loaded with sugar and CAFFEINE!!!!!!  
    It contains 47 grams of pure cane sugar, and 72 milligrams of caffeine, making it equal in potency to the extremely hypercaffeinated Jolt Cola. (thanks to Jeff Summers for the caffeine info, you're the man!)
  • Another important feature of Doc Enuf is that it is also enriched with vitamins and minerals (e.g. Potassium, Niacin) that you simply can't find in other soft drinks.

Bob's Opinion of Doc Enuf

Dr. Enuf tastes great and is a refreshing alternative for JOSTA freaks who are looking for more variety. It tastes vaguely like SPRITE, or maybe a lemony ginger-ale, but it is MUCH more kickin' and has a lot of bite. It contains 47 grams of 100% PURE CANE SUGAR!!!

For the ultimate rush try ENUF right after a JOSTA!


(1/15/2000)--Hey, if you are wanting to buy some Dr. Enuf, go to eBay sometime over the next few days.  A distributor has put some up for auction,  I guess bacause he is trying to get the word out about Dr. Enuf.  The auction ends 1/22.

Here I will insert a little tidbit which I have been hearing through the "rumor mill"....
Very soon, Dr. Enuf may go national, hopefully within the next five years!!  I know nothing more about this, I got this from someone with a connection to the inside...

Also, look for an OFFICIAL company website, hopefully, sometime in the next few months!!!!!


Here is an example of the many e-mails that I have been getting lately:

Subj:   Rules for Flip the Lid
Date:   8/15/99 9:29:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time

I need to know the rules for the Flip the Lid game on the Dr. Enuf bottles
because I have a lid the says "1955 50 Golden Years" and another that says "
1999 50 Golden Years." What does this mean? Did I win something

I will now answer his question in the best way that I know how.  Did you win?  I have absolutely no clue, and neither does anyone else!  That is the only gripe I have so far with the company, is that they started a contest with rules to  which no one outside of Johnson City has easy access.  Maybe they should have only publicized it locally so that those of us hundreds of miles away who can only get Enuf at obscure gas stations wouldn't be clueless about it.

I haven't had time to write Tri-City about their contest rules.  I don't even know if the contest has expired yet.  If you have any information about this contest, i.e. how to win, etc., please drop me a line.  If you actually win something, tell rest of us about it, we'd love to hear from you!

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