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For your drinking pleasure, Jolt now has 5 flavors, all extremely potent in caffeine content.

Original Cola  This is the one that started it all...Jolt Cola has twice the caffeine of any competing cola.  Quite frankly it tastes better too.
Citrus Climax  This is Jolt's answer to Mountain Dew.  It's not bad actually...and it has 40% more caffeine than the Dew or any other competing citrus soda.
Cherry Bomb  Cherry Bomb is the bomb!!!!  This is without a doubt my favorite Jolt flavor, and quite regrettably, the hardest to find in this area.  Cherry Bomb  is "a premium cherry cola that, powered by a pinch of spices and cherry..." gives a taste far superior to similar beverages.  It has 70% more caffeine than Cherry Coke or Dr. Pepper.
White Lightnin' The uninitiated Jolt drinker will be puzzled at first upon glancing at a bottle of White Lightnin'.  The soda is completely clear.  Don't let the looks deceive you is a kickin' grape soda and has just as much flavor as the competing drinks plus double caffeine!! 
Orange Blast  If you dig orange flavored soda and need a boost, this is the one for you!  It is loaded with orange flavor, extra caffeine, and even has vitamin C.  I challenge you to find another orange drink that can compare.