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JOSTA Comments:
received since 1/31/98, recent comments first
(since this is a family program, no profanity please, or we will have to [censor] it

Argon223--take a sample to a chemical analysis laboratory (check your yellow creative...local university) and from that data develop a recipe. At that point your independent from PepsiCo and making it for yourself(aka homebrew); what better way to say F-you to Big Soda. Evidently they could not live with less than $500 million a year, can you? power to the people

Richard--I miss Josta I have spent $10 a week on Josta last year a 12 pack $5 on bottles and $2 on cans i could get them for a quater they still sell josta at madison garden in new york they had a poster of josta in godzilla

Vicious V-- Josta helped me quit smoking. But since its extinction, I smoke like a chimney. And that is the TRUTH.

Josh--I absolutely loved Josta.  I made all my friends drink it.  They loved it. When I found out about Josta not being made anymore, I bought as much as I could.  I drank Josta that expired 2 years before. It was flat as all hell, but I didn't care.

Chris--Dude I'm ready to fight for Josta, It's simply the greatest drink around...Me and all the guys on out team just r addicted to it then they discontinued the product!!([bad people]).  Anywayz I'm doin what it said on your site lemme know what Else I can do.....Also I live in Cleveland where and/or how can I get Josta?? Keep the Struggle

Josta Militia--We were once swimming in Josta.  But now those [really bad people] have taken it from us.  And WE, THE JOSTA MILITIA vow to seek revenge!!  

Billy--Josta is the [stuff] and we will bring it back!! ---THE JOSTA MILITIA

Bethany--Help!! I havent had Josta in three months!! I cant find it anywhere. Do they even sell it in Ohio?

LISA--I live in Nova Scotia Canada, and I was in Minneapolis in April. I tried Josta there for the first time, and I loved it! It was the best thing I have ever tasted and I felt so darned good after I had it. I had it in the morning at night, It was amazing. Ever since I went back to Nove Scotia I haven't been able to find it. *sigh* all I have now are sweet memories...I hope that JOSTA comes around here that is all I can say!

ERIC--I am originally From LA, and drank Josta religously. Now I live in Raleigh and can't find it anywhere. I found it once by being in the right stpre in Wilmington, but drove down there this weekend and they NO LONGER CARRY IT!!!! Any places I can get one?

WILLIAM--Where can I get Josta in or around Richmond, Va. ?!?!?!?

KURTIS--Where!? Where!? I need more our supply has run out!! Where can I get it do you have it? I NNNEEDD it! NOW!

CHEECH--I am the world's largest JOSTAholic! I can't live without it. My life revolves around its amazing taste. I would gladly sacrafice myself for the preservation of this god-given ambrosia. VIVA LA JOSTA!

SHERRI--oh my gosh. God answered my prayers. There are others besides myself and Bee(a good friend of mine) who are Josta addicts. I'm up here in michigan and I hear you all the way. No other drink besides Josta will do. It's the absolute best. Nothing else can compare. Josta rules 4 eva

SEV--Jostas the greatest thing since sliced bread. If only those idiots did more ads for it!!

TheJostaCat--Joe was wrong, i started MN on it. I tried it in NM when it didn't exist in MN. As soon as i saw it in central MN i stocked up and got everyone in area code 612 on it. I was so happy when it came to my hometown. I love Josta more than tom could ever love it.


CHERI--Just tried it today. Not too thrilled with it, maybe you have to aquire a taste or something. First impression is cough syrup that is carbonated.

CYRUS--Josta kicks [patootie]!!!!

DAMIEN--They havnt got any Josta in FL yet!!! the only time i had it is when i went to Virginia IT WAS GREAT

LEUQARTE--I really feel sorry for the people here in Charlotte, they don't have Josta ANYWHERE and most have never heard of it!

GEANA--It tastes like Cheerwine mixed with alcohol!!

"MERMAID"--best da[r]n soda in the world. tie with mountian dew. -Mermaid (i called pepsi and the rummor of josta going off the market is just that. a rummor. so dont worry :))

JOE--Josta: the greatest testicular enhancer I have yet to see

ALLEN--I think Josta is yummy yummy for my tummy and I will do a research project on it.

TOM(BLACK KNiGHT)--I love JOSTA! I have started the Josta trend here in Minnesota, areacode 612! It's currently spreading like wildfire through the UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA CAMPUS! YEEEHAW! I'm the leader of a Josta drinking cult, we're the JOSTAFARIANS! We take our name from the RASTAFARIANS...heh...

JAGWIO--Josta rules!!! I love Josta! If Pepsi stops selling it I will start a Pepsi strike. And I love Pepsi-that's how much i love Josta

AZURE REZNOR--It's not Jostanother soda peoples!! It's a lifeblood!!!!!!!

BOB--Down with yellow 5!!!

JUSTADORK--[DARN]IT!!Josta is the best drink on the planet. Don't be like my co-workers and call it 'iguana juice'

GEANA--hey! give the 2-liters and cans back!!!!! you can't do this to me!!!!!

CHARLES--JOSTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry bout that... only had one can so far this morning.... hmmm... need more.... : ) BYE for now!

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