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It saddens me to say that the days of fresh JOSTA are almost certainly long gone unless we get some help in high is one of the great tragedies of the late 20th century.  However, we to know that all of this noise we've been making (via the AJS and through random JOSTA freaks) has been heard...they know we're here making LOTS of noise.  And they don't like it.  Keep it up!!!  The natives are getting restless......

I will soon have pictures on here proving that I still have JOSTA.  Nobody believes me!  I'll also put pics of some cool JOSTA stuff I've acquired.  I won't tell where I got it.

Ok, here's a pretty hot rumor that seems to have some foundation.  Pepsi may be selling another Guarana-based soft drink here as early as summer 2000!  Read more...

Press Release


I am an employee in a local supermarket, and I have been told recently that JOSTA may be going off the market. This page is currently being constructed to educate the public of the importance of JOSTA, and the dire consequences which a guaraná free society would bring. Without our JOSTA, we will wither away into virtual non-existence!!!
[Image] They've already deprived us of our 2-liters and and 6 and 12 pack cans!--NATIONWIDE!! (if you find any, check the expiration date--I'm sure it's outdated!)

JOSTA is the best new soft drink idea since...I can't think of one--it's the best!! If you are a religous JOSTA consumer like myself, you should take action to see that JOSTA stays on our shelves for years to come. Write them a letter or SOMETHING, before its too late!!!


3/3/98--Update!! I talked to the Pepsi guy at comes to my store, and I asked him what he knew about the future of JOSTA. He said Pepsi thought it was doing "OK." As far as the 20 oz bottles, "They're not doing really bad, they're doing decent." He mentioned the 2-liters and said the sales were "pretty bad" and when I asked him if they would try it again, he said he "seriously doubted" we would ever see JOSTA outside of 20 ounce bottles again.

5/21/98--UPDATE!!! I just about peed in my pants when i saw it--12 packs of JOSTA!!! Upon inspection, the expiration date was November 1998!! I can now die, really, I talked to da Pepsi guy at the store I work at (which by the way is the only one that I have found thus far that sells the 12 packs) and he said that that particluar flavor (speaking of JOSTA), Pepsi decided to sell during the summer months. But that's not good enough, guys! I want our 2-liters back, and our 12 packs, for GOOD! And we can still do something about it, b/c after summer is gone, so will our cans of JOSTA!!!

11/16/98--Those cruel folks at Pepsi have really done it now.  I am afraid that JOSTA may have seen its last days.  I haven't seen fresh JOSTA in months now.  The Pepsi vendor said that the warehouse no longer carried it and he hasn't heard anything about getting it back.  It was marked off at the distribution center, I was told.  I'm hoping for more JOSTA next summer, if not sooner.  I bought up all of the JOSTA I could find, and now I am down to my last two cases. . .

11/22/98--My store manager struck this deal with the Pepsi vendor, that all of the JOSTA left in the local warehouse would come to our store.  We got probably 16 packs last weekend, I bought 8, my manager bought 4 (He and his 4 kids love it!!) and my friend Joe bought 4 (for himself, his cousin, and his grandma).  We probably will get more because the Pepsi guy said there was some more left (but not much). The Pepsi guy's supervisor said Pepsi has stopped making JOSTA.  They more than likely quit making it so that they could make Pepsi One, which happens to taste like carbonated excrement.

12/20/98--My asst. mgr. and I struck a deal and split up the remaining JOSTA which expired on 12/14.  Twenty-one cases!!!  FREE!!  YEAH!!!!

2/13/99--Bought last case of JOSTA, which expires tomorrow.  This is truly a sad, sad day.  To my knowledge this is the last of the JOSTA anywhere (we had it all transferred to my store via the Pepsi guy).

7/6/99--Well, now I'm down to 5 1/2 packs of JOSTA.  I'm drinking it more sparingly now.  Most of it has been expired since December, but it still tastes darn good to me.  I guess I'm one of the lucky few...