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Bob Online. Right On!


#of visito's t'de wonderful wo'ld uh BOB since 5/24/97



Check out mah' page in Ebonics, courtesy uh De Ebonicsizer. Right On!
Quote uh de week, dig dis: "Hooked on Ebonics wo'ked fo' me. Right On! "


Bob's Caffeine Shrine. Right On! . Right On! . Right On!


A comprehensive overview uh several popular highly caffeinated soft drinks which maintain some level uh spiffiness which is required uh de Liva' Lips Seal of Approval.

Dis is what ya''ve all been waitin' fo'...

MT. DEW VS. SURGE. Right On! . Right On! . Right On!

We're goin' t'finally settle de damn sco'e. Right On! . Right On!

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Which is de better highly caffeinated citrus flavo'ed soda?

Mountain Dew Surge

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A Brief dought, dig dis:

Intelligence = confo'mity?

I dink not.

***Bob Ingles I, after dree terms uh unopposed leadership, gots'ta p cakesed governo'ship uh Bobdom t'de Heir Apparent, Liva' Lips Ingles II, effective 6/4/97. In doin' so, Liva' Lips I drafted de Sacred Writ uh Bob, rules and values which de Bobs gots' swo'n t'live by. Slap mah fro!


***Bob II gots'ta p cakesed governo'ship of Outer Bobdom t'de next Heir Apparent, Liva' Lips Ingles III, effective 6/2/98.

Fo' all practical and intensive purposes, de empire known as Bobdom gots'ta been split into foe "Spheres uh Influence", some loose cakesociashun under de Liva' Lips Crown. 'S coo', bro.

Outer Bobdom--Includes de Province uh Uniboob and da damn Lollipop Guild. Fo'mer seat uh guv'ment uh de High Council uh Bob, now only a ceremonial site uh governo'ship.

Lower Bobdom--De region which connects Outer Bobdom wid de mo'e powerful regions uh Middle and Inner Bobdom, wid cakesets bod in Outer Bobdom and in Ingleland.

Middle Bobdom--Consists uh de Province uh Nerd, given by Liva' Lips himself, t'be ruled by Ned and Holly. Slap mah fro!

Inner Bobdom--Home uh de Liva' Lips Crown, also includes de Province uh Ingleland and de estates uh bod Liva' Lips Ingles and da damn Princess.

I would likes t' snatch up dis space t'salute da damn official carbonated beverage uh de inner circle. What it is, Mama!...

...A Personal Favo'ite. What it is, Mama!..

JOSTA. Right On! . Right On! . Right On!

Please visit our
***Unofficial Page Fo' Josta ***

***SAVE OUR JOSTA. Right On! . Right On! Dont let dem snatch it off de market. Right On! . Right On! ***
Help us help ya'. Right On! Click here t'find out how

"We're not Jostaholics, we're Josta conoisseurs."
(does not contain FD&C Yellow No. 5)

And now, I, de omnipotent Grand Master Bob,
shall introduce da damn inner circle uh de Liva' Lips Empire. What it is, Mama!..

BOB (da man)-Empuh'o' uh Bobdom
Uh Legend In His Own Time. What it is, Mama!..

"Ned" (Bob II)-2nd Deity, Duke uh Nerd
Uh Second Generashun uh de Liva' Lips Dynasty

"Phil" (Bob III)-3rd High Governo' uh Bobdom
Leader uh de Rebellious province uh Uniboob
"Munchkin" (Bob IV)-from de wonderful land uh Oz
Heir Apparent t'de Liva' Lips Drone. What it is, Mama!..(?)

Massa' "Bob"-Archduke of Lower Bobdom
De Great Communicato'

and introducin' fo' de fust time to de inner circle. What it is, Mama!..
"Laura Lynn"-Princess uh Bobdom

And give menshun loyal allies in de outer circle. What it is, Mama!..

Holly "Bob" (Duchess of Nerd)

Wes "Jim" Bob
"Fluffy" Bob
"Bob" Jones
"Rosey" Bob
Elaina "Bob"
"Bob" (Do'k)
Stefanie "Bob"
"G. T." Bob


Dick "Rooster" Bob
Alfred Ben Jeff "Al" Bob
Jagwio "Bob"
Katie "Bob"
Lissy "Bob"

"Bob" (Cool Guy)
Anakin "Bob"
Brett "Bob"

Join us. Right On! . Right On! . Right On! proud, de few, de BOB. Sheeeiit.

Higher o'der news--

On 8/22/98, Liva' Lips Ingles II defeated Liva' Lips I in de 1st Liva' Lips Ingles Invitashunal Skins Game. What it is, Mama! Junio''s clutch puttin' on de 17d green sealed da damn victo'y and proved ledal fo' ameteur Liva' Lips I, who lost da damn match 21-9.

UPSET CITY BABY. Right On! . Right On! . Right On! in de 2nd Bob Invitashunal, on 8/29, de slow and steady but consistent and patient play uh Bob Ingles, de all powerful, netted him his fust Skins triumph in Skins compeshun, shockin' Liva' Lips II and some Beach Bum 15-11-10 in some fierce dree way battle. What it is, Mama!

De Liva' Lips Ingles Championship Racin' Series, dig dis: On 8/12/98, in de fust competiteve racin' acshun in several monds, Liva' Lips Ingles held off some late charge by Liva' Lips II and consistent stagnashun by dat Beach Bum t'win de day's compeshun.
Final results, dig dis: Liva' Lips I--29 pts.; Liva' Lips II--25 pts.; Bum--17 pts.

De 3rd Annual Higher Order Grand Prix is tentatively scheduled fo' dis fall. Defendin' Champion Massa' "Bob" and puh'renial powerhouse Liva' Lips Ingles emerge as de early favo'ites. Last year Liva' Lips I dominated early but was narrowly defeated by Massa' "Bob", who gots'ta won two straight times. However, Bobs ah' and II gots' had numerous test sessions and races under deir belts since den, and da damn Duke (Bob II) gots'ta shown vast improvement. Look fo' de two uh dem t'hook up on race day, and look fo' some fairly even and 'sitin' 3-car battle. What it is, Mama! wo'd on Liva' Lips III o' his interest in participatin' at dis time. What it is, Mama!

De Higher Order uh Bob gots'ta declared war on de evil facshun which gots'ta be hereby known as de Axis Powers, due t'an attack on de integrity and well-bein' of Liva' Lips II. Wid de tactical genius uh Bob and Ned, de empire looks t'obliterate da damn competishun.

By 'esecutive o'der, effective immediately, Liva' Lips III gots'ta been stripped uh de title uh Second Deity of Bobdom. 'S coo', bro.  Ned gots'ta been awarded da damn highly sought posishun.  Massa' "Bob" gots'ta been appointed as Dird Deity. Slap mah fro!

YIPPEY SKIPPEY. Right On! . Right On! . Right On!  De embattled Princess Ingles gots'ta finally been granted jet of de god-fo'saken Isle uh Seclusion, crib uh de evil Urine Deities and da damn Wicked Witch uh de Soudeast, effective 6/28/98.  De Princess gots'ta been rescued by de Good Fairy, fum parts unknown. 'S coo', bro.

BOB LEAVES THE KINGDOM. Right On! . Right On! . Right On! . Right On! . Right On!
Effective 2/23/98, Liva' Lips Ingles I, kin' uh Bobdom, ruler uh de province uh Ingleland, gots'ta snatchn crib in some neighbo'in' kin'dom, rollin' out his drone unattended and up fo' grabs de Princess and da damn lesser entities among de Ingleites to fronting over, until his eventual return(?).
(4/1/98)HEEEEEEEE'S BAAAAAAAACK. Right On! . Right On! . Right On! . Right On! . Right On! . Right On! . Right On! . Right On!
Bob Ingles ah' returns t'his monarchy t'find it in a shambles. He looks t' snatch his drone back dis week.

Bob III is currently lookin' fo' some queen of Bobdom. 'S coo', bro....

Meanwhile, Liva' Lips Ingles II swears t'remain a bachelo' fo' de immediate future. What it is, Mama! Most do not dink he will hear much argument fum de female observers. Actually. Slap mah fro!..Inside sources duzn't dink he gots'ta last, eider. Ah be baaad...

OK, finally, de Nedster gots'ta found a sufficient queen (ack. Right On! ). Dey are mos' as good uh a match as Laura Lynn and His Omniscience, Liva' Lips Ingles.

It appears as if De Omnipotent One's reco'd still stands. wid anoder foe and some half monds remainin' in de fisical year, Liva' Lips Ingles II gots'ta conceded defeat in his quest t'break Bob's coveted and unprecedented reco'd of "most strikes in some year. Ah be baaad..." At last count da damn totals were, dig dis: Liva' Lips III--3; Liva' Lips II--17; Liva' Lips IV--42; and Liva' Lips I--87 gazillion. 'S coo', bro.

Utilizin' his 'esecutive privilege, His Majesty, Liva' Lips Ingles I, gots'ta granted Laura Lynn, Princess of Bobdom, passage into de Outer Circle uh Bob, effective 12/2/97.

Bob brin's de title back crib. Right On! . Right On! In an epic battle uh skill and wits, Liva' Lips comes fum behind t'upset top-ranked Massa' "Bob" in de air hockey title game, 7-6. Bob, who lost da damn crown t'Bob III 7-5 in Game 5 uh a Best uh 5 Series dis past summer, regains de title fo' de second time. What it is, Mama!

Fearin' some puh'manent breakup uh de once prominent bonds which hold da damn inner circle togeder, Fo'mer Monarch Liva' Lips Ingles ah' and Archduke Massa' "Bob" made a pact, effective 11/17/97, t'attempt t'resto'e glo'y t'de Liva' Lips Empire, and t'remain allies in de battle fo' self-realizashun.

An little inner circle hanky-panky?? Munchkin "Bob" and "Rooster" Liva' Lips seem t'be hittin' it off. What it is, Mama!..

"Munchkin" Liva' Lips was selected as de initiate fo' de inner circle fo' 1998.

"Massa' Bob" was finally re-elected to his old seat on de High Council, effective 9/19/97, after deliberashuns resultin' in some
3 1/2 mond stalemate. What it is, Mama!

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Bob's Caffeine Shrine

WO'D O' DE WEEK: puh'snickety


Brief Biographical Sketch
Name, dig dis: Liva' Lips Ingles* Screen Name, dig dis: JarBob69
Real Name, dig dis: Massa' Mammasphat** Occupashun: Cashier/Bagger at Yo' Friendly Neighbo'hood Grocer
Sex, dig dis: Male Weekend Occupashun: Stud
Orientashun: VERY Hetero Day Job, dig dis: Full-timeCollege Student
Age, dig dis: 18 High School GPA: 3.97
Height, dig dis: 6' 0 1/2" (184 cm) Rank, dig dis: 3
Weight, dig dis: 170 lbs. (75.4 kg) College GPA To-date, dig dis: 3.33
Hair, dig dis: Dooky Brown Special Talent, dig dis: None
Eyes, dig dis: Hazel Official Posishun in Society, dig dis: Scapegoat
*not t'be confused w/ Leroy P. Ingle o' Ingle's Markets, Inc Meyers-Briggs Personality Type, dig dis: IXTP
**My real, real dojigger is not impo'tant  

Oder Inner Circle Characteristics


Life As We Know It ???

Copyright 1997
BOB Online and its contents o' ideas may not be copied o' manipulated widout mah' puh'mission in any way, fo' de benefit uh evil o' good. May whoever dat so chooses
live some long, unhappy, sterile, bed-ridden, maggots-infested life. What it is, Mama!

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