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Virtual Worlds

Fall 2000

Work Log (time spent outside of class meetings)

Date       Activity Hours worked
  • Learning Alice, creating primitive worlds, creating 3D objects with Teddy.
  • Finished the "Barney" world (it's pretty primitive).
  • Read Chapter 1 of Funge.
  • Created webpage.
  • Gave myself a "crash course" in Python.
  • Read sections of the Alice documentation, which gives a vague overview of how to use python to manipulate alice.
  • Managed to get Barney demo uploaded (there is a MAJOR bug which the Alice Admin. people say they're working on..)
  • Updated webpage.
  • Used Python to manipulate objects.  It's pretty simple.
  • Downloaded and skimmed the Alice Help Documentation.
  • Worked with Teddy, created a (unpainted) person. I discovered that it isn't really as hard as I was making it to be; just create the body parts that I need to manipulate, and in the Alice program make those parts children of the main Person object.
  • Updated Webpage.
  • BUGS GALORE!!!  Attempted to work on a world that I am creating for a presentation for another course.  The object that I created using Alice and Teddy3D  kept producing some internal errors (which contorted the Object into an unrecognizable mass of blobs) for reasons beyond my realm of knowledge.  Kept getting the bug after starting over from scratch twice.  No output to show for this project yet.  (ARRRRGGGHH!!!)
  • More experimentation with the Python code box.
  • Updated Webpage. 
  • The world that I'm creating for a presentation is a simple rendition of Beowulf.  I'm finally getting somewhere with it.
  • Skimmed Chapter 2 and read Chapter 3 of Funge.
  • Worked some more on Beowulf. Dropped the class that I was doing that presentation for but still plan on having something to show for my work.
  • Updated webpage.
  • Created the Three bears. Need to make sure they conform to the movement algorithm Alex is working on.
  • I attempted to transfer the bears that I created to the Novell class directory. However, I was unaware that I had to transfer EVERY associated file not just the main .mdl file. E.g. I think you have to import object.mdl, object.vbf, object.head.mdl, all other children, etc. I will try to have all of this in the group folder by tomorrow.
  • Copied Alex's walking algorithm so I can use them at home. I think a problem may arise since the bear objects have no knees...we'll see.
  • Updated webpage.
  • Looked at Chapter 4 of the Funge book. Got lost.
  • Worked on getting the bears compatible with the walking algorithm. I'm having a little difficulty with this. To be continued..
  • Worked in the lab on making things compatible with the walking algorithm. The object passed to the algorithm needs a legs as children of their thighs, and forearms as children of the rest of the arm. The problem is that the bears as of yet have only one part to their legs and arms, no thighs and forearms. Since the bears were made using the PurpleDinosaur object I used that object as my test subject, making pseudo-thighs and forearms. Some results, finally...
  • Updated webpage.
  • Reconstructed the bear to give it thighs, calves, forearms, etc. Put it in the group folder.
  • Updated Webpage.
week of 10/9/00
  • Had to adjust the bears, they were sinking down into the ground while walking long distances. Added ears to each of the bears in the lab, but after saving them all of the bears were mangled and essentially useless. Good thing I had backup copies.
  • Read through section 5.1 in Funge.
  • Updated webpage.
  • Put ears on the bears.   Resized MamaBear and BabyBear to look more like a bear family.  Saved work in the group folder.
  • Went over the Alice help documentation again.  There are lots of built in functions we didn't know about that we may be able to use.
  • Read through section 5.3 in Funge.
thru 10/23/00
  • I have begun working on getting all of our objects sized correctly (bears, furniture, etc.) The version of the Goldilocks world saved in the group folder for some reason is distorted and half of the objects are now completely gray (within the world that is).  I wonder if we'll run into a problem like that when we are working on a final version.
  • We split up the story into parts.  I'm working on the part where the bears return to the cottage.
  • Worked on Scene 3 of G&3B.  I did the sequence of events from the arrival of the bears in the house all the way to BabyBear discovering Goldilocks in his bed.  After working out the bugs, I placed it into a python file in our directory.
  • We have a working version!!  We put it all together and we now have a (rough) version of the story.
  • Renamed some sound files to fit our script.
  • Made changes to camera positions for a better view of scene 3.  Adjusted the bear 'antennas' so that the bears' orientation would be correct while the script is running.
  • Threw in wait() commands because the animation wasn't pausing when the bears talk.  Made changes to BearsToChairs to make it look more realistic and to take into account that the BabyChair object doesn't exist when the bears arrive.
  • I've been trying to apply the walking algorithm to the bears in our world.  So far, I get nothing but errors.
  • Updated webpage.
  • We fixed the problem with the bears walking.  I had to make an addition to the movement script to add a walking function that would take a distance as a parameter instead of a destination.
  • Cleaned up some of my python code, renamed functions and added functions because the generic MoveToRug function with the walking added resulted in lots of walking in place.
thru 12/5/00
  • Added finishing touches to my part of the Alice world.  Alex, Jason, and I have integrated our parts into a Final world.  

Finished Worlds

killbarney -- Barney is evil.  'Nuff said.
This world has no Python code, it is based entirely on Alice commands.

Course Projects

Goldylocks & The Three Bears
As a group Jason, Alex, and I will implement this fairy tale as a virtual world.


Since we're probably going base the movements of our characters in our story on a graph, I need to go back and look at my old notes from MAT 353 on graph theory for possible ideas.
Work on more generic movement algorithms
Work on Goldylocks world with group
Rewrite killbarney in python and put in Novell directory
Finish Beowulf, scene one
Find some new objects so we don't have to keep altering the one that come with Alice

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