Continuing in the proud tradition of modern hypercaffeination, SURGE was introduced in the United States in January 1997 by Coca-Cola . SURGE, which Coke claims as its answer to Pepsi's Mountain Dew, is now available in over 200 metro areas, which is about 60% of the United States. Here in N. Carolina, SURGE was officially introduced January 1, 1998.
SURGE is available in a 12-ounce can featuring a wide mouth end in singles, 6-packs, 12-packs and 24-packs; a new 20-ounce proprietary bottle, and one and two liters. Combined with the bold citrus taste and low carbonation, the wide mouth can enhances the quick "drinkability" of SURGE. Also, SURGE is BRIGHT GREEN! It looks cool! 

Bottom line: If you like green Kool-Aid, you'll love SURGE!


SURGE contains about 52.5 milligrams of caffeine per 12 ounce serving. By comparison, Mountain Dew has about 55 mg of caffeine.

In addition, SURGE contains, per 12 ounce serving, 45.5 grams of carbos, including 42 g of sugar.

Bob's personal evaluation of SURGE:
By accident, a local department store happened to put SURGE in the fountain drink thingey, so naturally I had to gave it a try. A guy I know that had tried SURGE told me that it tastes kind of like Fresca. It doesn't. It has a very citrusey flavor, but it is completely different from any other citrus-flavored soda on the market.

Actually, I think it tastes like Lime Jell-O.

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